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Safely Re-Opening Businesses

We know many states are beginning the process of opening businesses back up with new regulations set in place. Here are a few resources to help you navigate these changes.



The CDC recommends wearing face masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Here is a great article to help answer some of your face mask questions: Returning to work with masks? Answers to top employer questions.

Some jurisdictions mandate the use of face masks when in public. Which states require you to wear a face mask in public? Check your local government for any changes in local regulations.



Taking temperatures is a step that companies can take to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus. A fast and easy way to screen employees is by taking temperatures with no-contact thermometers.



Everyone knows by now that the best way to fight COVID 19 is to ensure you keep your hands clean. It is recommended by the CDC to wash hands frequently for 20 seconds using soap and water or sanitizer. It is important as an employer to provide your employees with readily available hand sanitizer.



Social distancing is still the best way to help stop the spread of COVID 19. It is important for employers to post helpful signage for employees to follow social distancing rules. Installing health/sneeze guard shields are also a great way to help keep exposure down in the workplace.


If you need PPE, marketing material design services, or help with a custom project, please contact us here.

Stay well and let's all work together to get safely back to work.

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