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5 Reasons Print Is Still Your Best Marketing Tool

Every business is always on the lookout for fresh ways to bring in new customers and retain loyal ones. And these days, there are hundreds of marketing tools available. With the advent of social media and the increase in technology, it’s easy to think the best marketing campaigns revolve around social media, blogs, and websites.

While these new marketing tools certainly work, the continuously evolving technology and constantly emerging trends can be hard to keep up with! And as it turns out, print marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing strategies out there.

We were surprised, too, which is why we did a little study. Here are five reasons we discovered for why print is still the best marketing tool:

1. Tangible products give customers more information.

When a potential customer looks at something online, he or she can’t touch, feel, or hold the product to gauge the quality. Yet when given something that’s printed, even just an informational flyer about the product, people equate the quality of the printed piece with the quality of the product they’re considering buying. If you print a promotional piece on thick, glossy, stock, you’re more likely to convince the customer of the product’s value.

2. Print products aren’t confined to a screen.

If you’re focusing only on online marketing, you’re limited to reaching people with easy access to an smartphone, tablet, or computer. With printed products, however, you can reach people out and about as well. Tack posters to bulletin boards around town. Pass out flyers at an intersection. Leave informational pamphlets in a grocery store. All of these are outlets where you can reach potential customers through printed products alone.

3. People want to unplug.

With screens becoming more and more ubiquitous — many of us sit at computers all day only to come home to watch TV or flip through photos on our smartphones — a large swath of the population is looking for a chance to unplug. By providing print products, you’re not only reaching those individuals who’ve unplugged, you’re also offering them the reprieve they want!

4. Print is cool.

While you might think that the newest app or social media network is the hippest thing out there, it turns out, more and more people are turning away from technological advances to embrace old forms of communication: reading the newspaper, picking out a book from the library, or flipping through a glossy magazine. The old is now new, which means print products are hip and attractive to potential customers.

5. Print gives you options.

Ultimately, it’s important to consider what message you’re trying to send to what group of people, and then determine if print is the best medium for you to use. The great thing about knowing how print marketing works: it gives you the option if print seems the best way to go. Don’t dismiss print marketing just because it seems outdated — that’s far from the truth!

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