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4 Ways to Rethink Business Card Designs in 2017

Even in this modern age when more people are moving away from print toward digital communication, certain print products remain essential. Among them? Business cards. Whether you’re running into a potential client at a conference, talking with customers at a trade show, or sharing about your work at a football game, business cards come in handy. They are a way to promote your brand and share your contact information.

But like any other print product, for it to make a good impression, it has to stand out. The more unique your look and the more it coheres with your brand as a whole, the more likely it will stick in potential customers’ minds. So, if you’re ready to spruce up your business cards, here are a few design ideas:

Include a giveaway.

Giveaways are great incentives for potential customers to engage in what you sell. By including a giveaway on the back of your business card, you’re providing another way for customers to interact with your brand — for free! Plus, if they like what you’re giving away, it’s likely they’ll contact you for future purchases.

Play a game.

Are you at a trade show? A business conference? A seminar? As informative and engaging as these business opportunities can be, they can also sometimes be a bit of a drag. By including games like riddles, trivia questions, small puzzles, or brainteasers on the backs of your cards, you’re providing a fun, creative outlet for anyone who receives one. They’ll pass the time playing your game, and will sure to remember you long after the conference is over.

Provide information.

Rather than merely including your name, contact information, and logo, add some additional information as well. This might be a relevant quote related to your brand, information about an upcoming business campaign, a checklist related to one of your overarching goals, or a question that sparks interest in your product. Additional information like this is rare, which means it’s sure to leave a memorable impression.

Interact with it.

These days, you can print business cards in any number of creative shapes. Some can be folded. Others can be unusual sizes with additional information. Still, others are in the shape of something related to your brand. Rather than opting for a plain old rectangular business card, have fun with the texture, shape, and interactive element of the card as well.

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