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6 Tips for Killing It at Your Next Tradeshow

Tradeshows are an opportunity to make important business connections that may wind up being essential to the success of your company. But, it’s easy to gloss over preparations for a tradeshow, thinking you already know the ropes. Unfortunately, this can lead to sloppiness. So even if you’re experienced with tradeshows, these tips can help you make the most of your next event:

  • Know your brand.

At a tradeshow, you’ll have the ear of other companies in your industry. This is a rare opportunity to share your brand with them. Can you explain what your company does in less than a minute? Do you know who your target audience is? Can you describe your vision for the next five years? Before hitting the road, take time to write out exactly who you are and what you do. Maybe even turn these statements into flyers you can hand out at the event. The key thing: know what you want to communicate so you’re not left standing at your table with a blank mind.

  • Prepare for commonly asked questions.

Now you’re able to describe your brand in a one-minute elevator pitch. Great. But a potential business partner is intrigued and wants to know more. Rather than wait for him to ask you questions you may or may not know the answers to, make a list of all the potential questions someone might ask and know the answers down pat. That way you’ll come off prepared, making a good impression.

  • Share your business card.

It’s an obvious tradeshow tip, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do this. We recommend carrying your business cards in your front pocket or setting them on the table, where you can either hand them out or let passersby pick them up. Even better: when a passerby asks for your business card, make a note on the card based on something you’ve talked about. This will make the card more personal.

  • Create a conversation.

We know you want to sell your service or product. That’s why you’re at the tradeshow! But human psychology is a funny thing, and it turns out, people don’t like it when a product is pushed too aggressively. Rather than aggressively trying to sell your product, we recommend creating a conversation around it. This will generate hype about your company while not driving customers away.

  • Be authentic and kind.

It’s easy to put on a “game face” while at a tradeshow. Sometimes that sells products, but more often than not,it comes off as fake. Instead, share what you love about your product in a way that respects the other person’s time, interests, and wallet. Even if he or she doesn’t make a sale right then and there, you’ll have made a positive impression that will last.

  • Follow up.

Did you meet someone who might make a potential business partner? Find someone interested in purchasing a product? Follow up! A simple phone call or email doesn’t take much time and can make the difference between a lasting connection and a lost opportunity.

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